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Mama Jots Boo-kie Party Set

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In collaboration with the talented Steph of Mama Jots.

How to Print

Most Printables: We recommend most things be printed on cardstock but regular printer paper is usually fine too. If it's something you plan to use over and over again, we recommend laminating it or placing it in a plastic sleeve. Most printables are designed to be printed on a regular size sheet of paper with the exception of the below. Be sure to print at 100% scale {Unless it's for your dolls!}

Placemats: Designed to be printed on "Ledger" 11"x17" paper. We recommend laminating them.

Oversized Coloring Sheets or Backdrops: Designed to be printed as large as  36" x 48" or as small as an 8.5" x 11”. When printing a backdrop, you can print as a black and white “blueprint” at any office supply store for less than $10.

How to Assemble

Most Printables: We try to create mostly no crafting required printables for our busy mamas, meaning, no assembly is required. But for our DIY loving mamas, we have a few things for you too, see below.

Flags: Print on cardstock and hot glue or tape to a dowel or paper straw. Add ribbons, poms, or yarn to the dowel.

Banners: Print on cardstock and tape or glue the back to ribbon or twine. You can also use a hole puncher if you prefer. We recommend you hang with command hooks.

How to Edit

Only printables that say "Edit in Canva" can be customized. You do not need a Canva Pro account to customize any of our printables.

1. Click "Edit in Canva" and then click "Use Template"

2. Sign in with the platform of your choice and make your changes.

3. Click "Share" in the top right corner, then "Download". File type: PDF Print, Color Profile: RGB and then click "Download"